B2B Exports LLC helps you to find a comprehensive and incredibly useful IT Asset Life Cycle Management solution.

For businesses, entities, and corporations of sorts, it is difficult to keep track of depleting IT assets, understand the present requirements and comprehend what kind of an upgrade do they need. However, with B2B Exports LLC, you have an answer.

Being an IT Asset Life Cycle Management company, we understand what you might need. Our solutions and services help you track the use of IT assets, comprehend your IT requirements and help you to understand which assets need to be upgraded. Furthermore, we also keep track of the IT assets that need to be disposed of.

Our IT Asset Life-Cycle Management solutions help you to understand the life cycle of the IT assets that you employ. Our services help you to make the management of your IT assets easy and better. We serve multiple locations Like Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina etc.

With a wide array of services, we are here to help you. Our services include help with the management of your IT assets that are nearing their end-of-life, pickup of the old and retired IT assets and comprehensive aid for new upgrades and IT asset purchases. Our IT Asset Life-Cycle Management solutions help make your life easier.

IT Asset Life Cycle Management: Immense Cost Savings

We help you to dispose of your IT assets safely and securely. Our IT Asset Life Cycle Management service ensures that every aspect is looked into and is taken care of, from data erasure to disposal in sustainable means, we do it all for you. We also manage your IT asset’s life cycle.

Here is what you stand to gain with our IT Asset Life Cycle Management services:

Competitive Edge

We help you to find an edge in the market. Our services help give you an overview of your IT assets, the condition of the same as well as help you to understand exactly when to switch to an upgrade. We help you stay ahead of IT Assets-wise.

Assessment of your future needs

We help you to stay at your A-game by helping you know everything about your IT asset requirements. Our services not only allow you to keep tabs on your IT asset’s life cycle but also helps you to know when you’d need new material.

Practical and Simple

We simplify your tasks and help you run it proficiently. Our services allow you to make the most out of your IT assets without wasting your time and energy. Simply give us a call and our agents will be in your touch.

Make better decisionss

Our service offers you a clear list of how things are and where your IT Assets stand. With our service, you can find it easy to make informed decisions on what to purchase and what to discard. Choose B2B Exports LLC and stay away from all worries.

Value Recovery

Our expert team of technicians helps you to assess your IT assets and assign value to them.So, all in all, you gain some money from your retired assets as well. From now on discard your old electronic items and gain money.


Our process is completely sustainable. We help you to save the planet from pollution. With a sustainable means of disposal, you can be sure that we will employ efficient and sustainable means to dispose of discarded IT assets.

IT Asset Life Cycle Management: Guaranteed Efficiency

At B2B Exports LLC, we believe in keeping you in the loop. which is why we not only offer you the maximum recovery value from your IT Asset at the end of its lifecycle but also give you access to real-time reporting.


We follow an all-inclusive end-of-life cycle processing stages:

Client Request: We offer an online pick up request form for our clients. When a client drops a pick up request, it is processed within 24 hours.

Sorting Assets: After the processing of your request, our team reaches the pick-up spot. With the help of experts we asses the IT Assets and sort them. Our team assesses the condition, figures out what to do, which parts need an upgrade and which ones need to be disposed of.

Data Destruction: The IT assets that are to be recycled and disposed of, will require to be clean and without any data. We ensure that no data is left on them.

Asset Disposition: The disposal of your assets is done in a safe and environment-friendly manner, which allows us to ensure that no harm comes to nature.

Asset Deployment:The IT assets that are not valued high are deployed to enhance their value so that they can be sold later on and the payment can be used to invest in new equipment.

IT Remarketing and Recycling: The IT assets that have reached their end-of-life cycle will be remarketed, which also promotes sustainable disposal of the e-waste materials.

At B2B Exports LLC, we help you to find the perfect & the correct IT Asset Disposition services
for your retired and old IT assets.

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